self help

You’ve maybe heard the saying that you can’t help anyone until you help yourself first. And, that no one can change unless they are willing to and want to. If you have determined that there are things about yourself that you would like to improve, self-help might be just the thing that you need. I know over the years it has helped me grow into the person that I have become – not the finished article I want to be, but I am well on the road to achieving that.

If you have also found that some of the people in your life need some help too, the best thing you can do is improve those things about you, that you see wrong in them. After all, your example might be just what they need. Leading by example is a great asset to have, and maybe a more subtle way of helping your friends.

1. You Can Only Change One Person

The fact is we only have control over one person: ourselves. When you realize that, you’ll start taking more control over your own needs without worrying about how that affects everyone else. For example, if you need to lose weight, but your other half isn’t very supportive, even if they could stand to lose a few pounds too, putting yourself first in this case should inspire them. If you tend to do the shopping and/or cooking in the family then you will really be in control and not only help yourself but lead by example.Continue reading