As we have seen already, change is inevitable. It comes along in many guises, and can cause stress and anxiety. So as well as accepting that it is a part of life, you need to establish ways to cope with change and the effects it has on you. One way of doing this is through regular exercise.

Most people are aware of the many physical benefits of exercise, but don’t realise that it is great at helping with mental health. Exercise is an effective stress reliever that can help you deal with changes that are affecting your life. Cast your mind back to when you last did some regular exercise – do you remember that good feeling you had?Continue reading

When nothing in life is certain, other than death, and change is thrown upon us at times from all angles, why is it that we are so afraid of change? I know that in some parts of my life I have had many massive changes, some of my own making and some thrown at me by others.

Whilst I used to be like so many others and fear change, I now know that if it is something I have no control over, that the only way to tackle change is to embrace it and move forward with life.

Many people are afraid of change for a large number and variety of reasons. The first is that the brain perceives patterns in everyday life and becomes comfortable with them. If those patterns then change, it can be extremely disruptive to a person’s entire way of thinking, leading to stress and anxiety.Continue reading