So you are interested in reflective practice, and want to learn more about how it can improve your life. But just what are the benefits of reflective practice?

There are many benefits to starting a reflective practice. It can help you transform your life in a range of ways – personally, professionally and emotionally. Here are seven ways that it will change your life.

1. Deepens your understanding of yourself

We are all so busy satisfying all of the demands placed upon us at work and at home that we don’t get enough time to work on ourselves. The kids and your partner are always in need of something, of your time. You will often find that the one thing that gets pushed to the back of the queue is your own needs and interests. Reflective practice is one easy way to improve our lives in only a few minutes a day once we get into the habit.Continue reading

If you have read my previous post which introduced reflective practice you may be eager to get started. If you haven’t yet read it, then a brief description is that reflective practice is another way of saying that you are able to learn from your experience in a structured way.

Here are some ways to help you get started with reflective practice  and make it a big part of your life and self improvement.

Start a Journal or Personal Blog

Your first step will be to create a place where you can keep your reflective practice work, so you can look back at it at the end of each week or month. A small notebook you can carry anywhere is a good start. You can also create a folder on your computer and create documents or a private blog for your reflective practice.Continue reading

reflective practice

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good weekend. I took a weekend off work to recuperate and socialise with some good friends. I say that, I did spend most of Sunday helping my other half on her business, but to me that’s just fun! I love to help her.

Quite often you will come across new terms that you may not have heard before, but once explained they make perfect sense. Reflective practice is a perfect example of this. So just what is reflective practice?

Reflective practice is a modern term for the age-old practice of learning from experience. As the philosopher Plato encouraged centuries ago, “Know thyself.” The knowledge gained can be a series of stepping stones to success in all areas of your life.

In its most basic form, reflective practice is about thinking about what you do after you have done it. As part of the reflecting process, you note:

* What you did
* What happened as a result
* What the outcome was
* Whether you could do things better/differently next timeContinue reading