Hi everyone!

Whether you are are an employee of a company, or work for yourself, it is imperative to stay focused on your work so you can achieve all the tasks that crop up in your working week. We all have regular tasks that need to be done, but then of course there are projects that we need to work on, and to complete all this we need to stay focused on the tasks in front of us.

If you are someone who is easily distracted, then you may be wondering how to improve your focus at work. For most of us, staying focused while working is pretty difficult, even at the best of times. In today’s workplace, it’s even harder than ever – with so much information coming at us constantly, and easy access to the internet, staying focused on tasks can seem like asking the impossible.

And of course there are people distractions too! Some of your colleagues, if you are working for a company, may not realise that you are busy, and just because they have spare time in their day, they think it’s ok to keep you talking – most of the time about non-work related matters.Continue reading

creative juices

Some people seem to be creative in everything they do – they paint, write poems, and create sculptures. Whereas some of us would sit down and have a blank canvas, blank sheet of paper, and a lump of clay. Why is it that some people seem to be able to get their creative juices flowing at will, and others cannot start?

Whether for leisure or for business, many of us wish we were more creative. For some, creativity feels new, while others will feel they are rediscovering a lost creativity. Whichever camp you fall into, the following ideas can help get your creativity flowing.Continue reading

boost your self image

I think most of us have a poor self image at times. I know I have in the past, but as time has gone on, I have come to accept myself. But some people never seem to stop beating themselves up and putting themselves down. They cannot see what others can see;  they think they are not good, whereas other people see them as great! 

Of course, the world also has people that think they are better than they are, and have massive egos. But generally speaking, I believe that there are more people who do not give themselves the credit they should.

There’s a lot you can accomplish by having a positive self-image. Your confidence will increase which means that you can deal with more situations, and not run away from difficult ones. People will respond to your increased self-image in a positive way – you will give off certain vibes that will attract other people.Continue reading

Adopt A Growth Mindset

To get on in life, be a better version of yourself, it is often stated that you need to adopt a growth mindset. But in order to understand how to take on the practice of creating a growth mindset, first, take a look at the difference between the two mindsets; a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

A Fixed Mindset

A fixed mindset, especially in the area of academics, intelligence, and study dictates that it is what it is, or that the status is fixed, unchangeable and with no room for growth or potential.

A Growth Mindset

A growth mindset takes on a different perspective. A growth mindset takes on challenges as a way to expand and grow. It also dictates that there is room for hard work, learning, and achieving.

That sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it. But how do we gain a growth mindset, especially if we feel we have grown up with a fixed mindset?Continue reading

The benefits of drinking more water

It’s time to hold up my hands and admit something… I do not drink enough water! I know I should drink more, I’ve never been a big fan, but it is something I am really trying to tackle right now. I know it’s good for me though, and a quick film I recently saw on Facebook has really hit home that NOW is the time for me to take action.

The human body is made up of over 75% of water, and as we all know, we cannot live without water. The fact is, we can only survive for a total of 3 days without water. Water has, however, been replaced in most diets by soft drinks and other sugar sweetened refreshments – although I’m not a big fan of these either. Keep in mind that water is a healthier and necessary for leading yourself towards a better health and longevity.Continue reading