Boost Your Mental Energy And Stay Motivated With These 5 Tips

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Boost your motivational energy

Maybe it’s just me, but the older I get the less energy I seem to have to do the simplest of tasks. I can still remember easily days gone by when I could do anything I wanted – having 4 jobs, out on the nights not working, whilst still fitting in training for half marathons. Admittedly when I slept, I slept as long as possible. But that was a long time ago, and now I need to plan my energy carefully.

Not only do I feel more tired physically, but mentally I can feel it too. I know it’s part of growing older, but when a day in the office becomes harder mentally, I know that I need to be sensible. Most evenings I try and catch a 10 minute nap on my short train journey, and I find this helps boost me for the evening.

Increasing your mental energy to motivate you to get things done – whether that’s around the house, at work, or when you’re out and about – can seem like a hefty task. But, the truth is a lot of people overlook their current ‘habits’ and behaviours that can actually negatively impact their mental energy on a daily basis.

Read on to see what works for people from all walks of life who are struggling to get the necessary mental will-power to be successful!

1. First and foremost, how carefully do you monitor your eating habits? Scientific studies published in recent years show a clear connection between what you eat, how often, and its influence on your regular “mental energy levels”. Consider cutting out the sweets, high-fat or high-carb foods from your diet, and instead snacking on a nice apple or banana. Instead of that McDonalds “because it’s easy”, consider staying at home and making yourself a simple salad with grilled chicken.

2. For those that have been in the military, staying hydrated is everything – as we’re ordered to “hydrate” every hour, on the hour! But in all seriousness, hydration is critical to the daily operation and functionality of not just your muscles and bones, but also your mind. A lot of people also often mistake hunger for simply a need to consume water – as the body seeks out fluids through other foods or even snacks when it doesn’t consume enough.

3. If you frequently drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, then chances are you’re “zapping” your mental energy. Instead, try chewing on a piece of gum, and passing up on the next offer to the bar, by switching it up and going on a late-night stroll with your friend or pet instead.

Remember, cigarettes, much like coffee and other caffeinated drinks, are a type of “stimulant” which not only develops a mental, but also physical habit that is harmful to your body, sleep patterns, and mental well being.

4. Are you overworking? Suffering from “burn out,” or fatigue is more common than you think, and often occurs from working too much, or not giving yourself enough rest, breaks, or time to do the things you enjoy. Getting a proper rest, sleep, and even exercise can significantly improve your overall mental energy and strength.

5. Finally, consider calling an old friend or relative that you haven’t talked to in a while – this should give you some mental energy and motivation! Typically, those that you love most or are closest to will have your best interest in mind, making this a must try for those suffering from a lack of ‘mental energy.’

Extra Tip: Consider doing more activities that challenge your mind, whether it be downloading a brain-puzzle App on your phone, playing chess with your neighbour, or simply going on an outdoor adventure to challenge yourself!

So how do you compare? What resonates with you, and what are you going to adopt into your daily schedules to give you that mental boost you require? Let me know in the comments below.

If you enjoy this, your friends may too!

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