3 ways to stop procrastinating

Hi, Paul here, I hope you are having a productive day. How are you getting on? Are you having a productive week and do you feel as if you are achieving all that you want to? I’m doing well this week, and I know that when I am it is best to push on. Whilst I will give myself a treat later for all the hard work, I know if I do it too early then I can easily drop my levels when I really should be utilising the energy I have.

Of course, it’s not always like that. All of us, and I include myself here, suffer from bouts of procrastination. Of course, there are different levels, so I try and minimise mine once I have recognised the fact. Many of us sabotage our own best intentions by not even realising it, through procrastinating in relation to all the work and essential chores they need to get done. Here are 3 ways that we procrastinate.

Reasons for Procrastinating

Negative Self-talk

The first reason is that we might be our own worst enemy and critic. Negative self-talk along the lines of, “That’s way too hard – if you try, you’ll probably just fail anyway,” make us sabotage ourselves.Continue reading

Hi everyone, and welcome to Everyday Success Tips. And my first post! I hope you enjoy and bookmark this site.

Many people in the West struggle with the idea of self-worth. They envy others, think that other people are far better, and see little worth in themselves. They look in the mirror and see someone full of flaws – a “failure” or “loser.” I know I have had times like this, and I am sure most of you have too.

They are also terrified that if anyone REALLY got to know them, they would run the other way. Shame, negativity and even anger drive their sense of self-worth as they beat themselves up for the least little mistake. And they think that everything that goes wrong is their fault, whether it is down to them or not.

Reasons for Negative Self-Worth

There are many reasons for this, but most start at a young age because we are expected to behave in a certain manner and will usually be punished in some way if we fail to meet the expectations of others. This can be as simple as being put in the naughty corner because you have done something “bad,” sent to bed without supper, of deprived of something you were really looking forward to, to constant criticism and being made to feel like nothing you do is ever good enough and you will never amount to anything.Continue reading