The Benefits Of Drinking More Water

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The benefits of drinking more water

It’s time to hold up my hands and admit something… I do not drink enough water! I know I should drink more, I’ve never been a big fan, but it is something I am really trying to tackle right now. I know it’s good for me though, and a quick film I recently saw on Facebook has really hit home that NOW is the time for me to take action.

The human body is made up of over 75% of water, and as we all know, we cannot live without water. The fact is, we can only survive for a total of 3 days without water. Water has, however, been replaced in most diets by soft drinks and other sugar sweetened refreshments – although I’m not a big fan of these either. Keep in mind that water is a healthier and necessary for leading yourself towards a better health and longevity.

Your own personal need for water can vary greatly due to exercise, weight, and temperature. Research has proven that over 2/3 of adults don’t get the water they need on a daily basis. By drinking water on a regular basis you can replenish your body and keep it well hydrated and functioning as it should be.

A majority of us wait until we are thirsty before we drink water. This is not a reliable gauge of the water needs for the body – by the time you are thirsty you have already lost two or more cups of the body’s water supply. Therefore, drinking water regularly is much better than simply waiting until you are thirsty. Don’t wait till you are thirsty – keep topping up throughout the day.

It is very important that you don’t substitute beverages with alcohol and caffeine for water. The reason behind this is that those types of beverages act as a diuretic and can cause you to lose more weight through increased urination. You may think and feel as if you are getting more water through these beverages, although the fact is that you are letting it go almost as fast as you consume it. If you are like me you love coffee, but too much is not good. At work I am starting to turn down one cup a day, and increase my intake of water. We moved office a year ago and the boss bought one of those fancy American fridges with chilled water on tap, so it is definitely easier for me.

Anytime you exercise, you need more water. Due to perspiration, your body will lose quite a bit of. For each pound lost due to exercise, you need to drink 2 cups of water. Even when you lay down to sleep, your body loses water. By drinking a glass or more of water before you go to sleep, you can wake up with your body functioning as it should
be. And don’t forget to have a glass of water as soon as you wake up – this is something I am doing now. The other day I forgot, and was gasping for water by the time I got to work!

It should become more obvious that when you are sick you’ll need more water than any other tine. When you get a cold or the flu, your body can become dehydrated quite quickly. You can help to prevent this by drinking more water at times when you become sick. Most times you are sick you tend not to eat as much, so you are losing the intake of water from your food too. That’s why when we were kids our parents would try to ensure we drunk more – if only we were so wise then.

There are several mixed opinions as to whether filtered water will actually provide benefit. This is a subject you should explore yourself as you determine the best type of water for yourself. A lot of people that live in hard water areas cannot stand the taste of water straight from the tap, so this is definitely something that is area dependant to a large degree. If you are in a hard water area, consider one of these filter jugs, maybe stored in your fridge.

Always make it a habit to drink water on a daily basis. You should keep a bottle of water with you at all times and drink it throughout the day. You should also teach yourself to drink water instead of other beverages that don’t replenish the nutrients your body needs. If you  think water on it’s own is rather bland, you may consider buying one of the new fruit infuser bottles to give the water a better taste.

I can’t finish this article without a list taken from the video that inspired me to finally tackle my drinking too little water issue. So if any of these spark an aha moment for you, then you know what to do.

Benefits of drinking more water:

  • Clearer skin – spots and pimples will lessen and disappear
  • More alert – you will feel more awake and with it
  • Lose weight – drinking water fills you up more, meaning you will be less likely to eat too large a portion
  • Fewer wrinkles – more water will plump up your skin
  • Liver works better – flushing toxins through your system
  • Less muscle pain – if you have aches then feed your muscles water to work better
  • Memory is better – your brain is functioning better
  • Digestion improved – water aids the digestive process
  • Immune system strengthened – fight off diseases better
  • Better mood – less likely to snap at people.

Are you convinced yet? I know I was, as several of these are things that I can benefit from (more than several, if I am honest). Thanks for reading to the end. Enjoy the rest of your day – I’m off for a glass of water!

If you enjoy this, your friends may too!

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